Being Proactive with your Life Aims… Becoming Lighter Series – (3)

You can help the process by aligning the environment with your goals. For example, I have set up a place of work in a room in order to help encourage me to write. Ever hopeful! This has helped as I can pop in there and write, edit or research my blog, as and when I wish. Another example, is putting a kettlebell in the lounge, so I can pick it up and do some exercises after breakfast. This is fine as long as I don’t break something!

Try to foster a specific task with another daily activity. Well it works for me. For example, have a splendid cup of freshly brewed coffee, relax (old pastime) then do a few squats with equipment (new pastime).

Don’t panic if a planned task doesn’t happen just carry on and focus on next time. Evaluate and continue.

To sum up…

– Think about where you want to pursue your aims

– How you want to do the aim

– Devise a specific place or object to trigger the pastime

– Put equipment in a place where you propose to do the task to encourage the new activity


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I write because I feel I have things to say and it is a creative outlet. My interests include many aspects under the auspices of the lifestyle banner. For example, I’ve recently taken up running more seriously and have become interested in health, fitness and nutrition. Also, I’ve become interested in the ideology of minimalism and all that this mindset endorses. So at the moment, I like to write primarily about these subjects and of course, this includes most aspects of simple living. Decluttering, reducing waste, how to improve life, travel, food, literature, social media, gardening and general health.

I don’t claim to be an expert on these subjects (apart from literature and social media) but I can proactively air my views and wisdom. It is fun, the research is interesting and I love to write. I really enjoy writing both fiction and non fiction but this is where I will continue to write and share my views and tips. I hope you enjoy it too.

Thank you for reading my blog, it is appreciated.

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