What else can go wrong?

Friday…So what else can go wrong? Do you have periods when everything is breaking down? Many things have gone wrong in the last couple of days. We’ve had a blocked drain which was dealt with by efficient, friendly drain expert. Whilst shopping today, my glasses fell apart which meant I couldn’t see the prices of the food I was buying. (The glasses are now mended as I found the missing screw.) The boiler is playing up and a friend is ill so no weekend trip to London. Oh well. First world problems and all that!

Then, today (Friday) wait for it… I washed my hands so that I could make omelettes for lunch and the tap came off in my hands! Water sprayed everywhere! No matter how hard I pressed the tap into the spraying water, the aggressive fountain continued. As the kitchen was rapidly flooding and I am screaming at D (husband), he ran into the garage and turned the water off. Phew.

After frantically mopping the water up whilst hubby tried to fix the tap, we decided to call an emergency plumber. I spent a couple of minutes finding a local chap online, called him and he promised to come around later. He promptly came later that afternoon and cheerfully and quickly fixed the problem. Didn’t charge us much either. Very pleased with the outcome and delighted that we’ve found a decent plumber.  I’ve given him some more business too.

What surprised me is how shaken up I was by the exploding water fountain. But glad that I was able to find a tradesman to fix it without any more drama. Great to know people are willing to turn up, help out and not charge a fortune.

The boiler man is coming on Monday so hopefully that will start to work properly soon..

By the way, my top tip is this. Know where the stopcock is! According to the friendly plumber, a lot of people don’t know where it is.

Oh and keep calm and carry on. (Haha)