Is there such a thing as intentional living?

I hope you enjoy the mishmash of my thoughts on intentional living!

To me, it is easy to drift through life and do the same thing day in, day out in a habitual way. We have choices in life and it is easy to forget that. After a tragic family event, my aim is to enjoy life. It is possible to do what you like to do. Money comes into it, but you can often do stuff cheaply.

Sometimes it is a good idea to step back and evaluate what you have. Recently, I decided to look at my home and had a massive declutter.  It is easy to keep clutter because you just stop seeing it. Have two huge sacks ready to go as we speak.

Another thing is that I’ve joined a group of walkers for not only exercise but to meet new people and enjoy the company of engaging folk with fresh views on life.

Trying to decide how you can improve life is a good idea rather than just aimlessly carry on with it. Of course, it is tricky if you have children, but can still be done with some effort. If you think about life, read, explore issues and go out and about it becomes a good way to examine your interests, talents and passions.

People often continually moan about things and this is fair enough up to a point. We all do it. However, sometimes it is good to step back, take risks and change things isn’t it?  Turn of the TV and go out and do stuff. Write a book, walk, paint, declutter, decorate, socialise, etc. To answer my question intentional living is possible if you decide to do it. What do you think and what have you done?


  • Evaluate life and who you spend time with
  • Make some choices
  • Discover your passions and do them
  • Stop complaining
  • Turn TV/Screens off

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What is intentional living?


What does intentional living mean? It is about finding meaning in what you do with your life and embracing the moment, isn’t it?

One of my aims for this year is to meet new people. It is simple to drift through life and not do anything challenging and trust me, meeting and speaking to people I don’t know, is as challenging as it gets.  It is easy to socialise with a handful of friends and talk about the same things. So I thought I might like to change this.

On Saturday, I met up with a walking group for not only their monthly walk, but a pub lunch too. We met at an agreed place and then drove to the pub to park the cars.  As soon as I arrived, I immediately felt at home with the other people. They were friendly, engaging and interested.


We had a lovely walk around the English countryside and happily admired various views, talked about all sorts of things including jobs, village affairs, fraud, nutrition, health, theatre and of course, walking.

I must say, they were an extremely friendly bunch of people and I was glad I spent my morning with them. It goes to show that if you make an effort to go out and about, it pays off. I enjoyed the walk, but more importantly, enjoyed discussing and debating different issues. Of course, I enjoyed a pint and a steak in the pub too. Fantastic.