Supporting Your Aims – Becoming Lighter Series (5)

Now you’ve decided on your aims, planned them and finding ways of pursuing them the next stage is all about how you can support yourself and the aims. You could reveal your aims to family, friends or even colleagues. This suits some, but not others and it depends on what the aim is. For me, it encourages motivation, but suggest divulging aims only to trusted peers, especially if it is a tough aim.

Reminding yourself about the benefits of the aim. List the benefits in a journal and read it when you are struggling. This may reinforce some positive thinking and encourage you to be proactive and continue with the process. Well, we can hope can’t we?

It is always wise to think about the good aspects of what you are doing. If you don’t feel like exercising then remember how you feel afterwards. Same with cleaning, decluttering or cooking a fancy meal. Pocket the emotion. Oooooh must take some of this advice as I’m struggling with going to the gym during the cold, dark weather.

To sum up…

Discuss your life aims with trusted peers

Remind yourself of the benefits of the aims

Write a to do list or journal

Pocket the good feeling you acquire after achieving new aims


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Analysis of your Life Aims? Becoming Lighter Series – (4)

Having pursued specific aims, found yourself following a plan or at least have a plan, then decide what is next. ¬†For me, I tend to get value out of aims by measuring them. If I’ve lost weight, I’ll write it down so can see progress. If you exercise, it is fun to see how much, by recording it. By measuring results, you see how far you have come, which encourages you on a positive route.

If it is all a struggle, which it often is, see if you can decide on some sub goals or aims which helps with the fear and hopelessness. Everything is a struggle particularly as people or occasions often ruin good intentions and plans (family, friends, children, commitments). These can help keep stuff in control, measurable and time based.

To sum up…

– Measure your aims or goals

– Write down your progress

– Plan some sub goals if life is interfering


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