Why I missed the plane and benefits of travel…

The unexpected dramatic situation…
Before we left Dubai, we experienced a situation which although dramatic, wasnt the end of mankind, so all fine. Just inconvenient.

After a sleepless night worrying whether the alarm would work in the right time zone, we rushed down for breakfast and then collected our luggage. A nice man took us on the hotel buggy and informed us he had phoned our taxi and it was on the way. Very efficient.

Well, we waited…and waited.

The helpful man made an agitated phone call.

Apparenty, the Dubai Tourist Board, in their joyful wisdom, had shut the road for a bike race.

“We will miss our plane.”

We declared growing anxious.
The helpful man consulted the hotel Manager, who contacted various officials, including the police. My hubby was taken into the hotel office and came out to inform me, we are now on tonight’s flight at 9.15pm instead of the 9.35am.

Off we went to our room, for our extended stay, to download new boarding passes and consult family about the drama.

In my wisdom, during this unexpected extra time, I decided to write a blog post about the benefits of travel and how to overcome small disasters, such as the above.

Benefits of Travel

One of the benefits of travel is realising these things happen. A lot. Certainly in my world. What is important is communication, not to panic (which is challenging) and find ways to resolve the problem (which can also be challenging). Thankfully, the hotel staff seemed genuinely concerned and very helpful. Also, when we emailed our forwarding hotel, they responded sympathetically too.

Travelling helps you become independent and motivates you to speak to people of various countries, cultures and even folks from your own country. Organising yourself is also a prerequisite. All the accommodation, car hire, flights, etc and deciding what to see and visit, when you do finally arrive.

I’ve wanted to travel since I was young. Life just gets in the way. Now I’m older, I can take the time and go where I fancy.

To be honest, I like going out to explore my local vicinity too and enjoy the fresh air. You really don’t have to go far. In my humble opinion, just go out and explore, even if it is your local area where you live. It is a great way to gain unforgettable experiences and become tolerant of others.
 Something I struggle with especially when people talk loudly and endlessly on their phones.

Yes, it teaches you about yourself as well and makes you analyse your behaviour. Why do I moan when I’ve walked miles and miles at the end of the day? Pointless and unnecessary. Especially, when you consider all those special moments, local food, history and culture. If you are home and/or abroad it teaches you about the cultural differences and what makes your area and culture unique.
Different situations arise and you really do have to keep calm and carry on.

Onwards and upwards…and don’t forget all those mementos and memories you are collecting.

Main benefits of travel to help you on your way (hopefully)…

– Communicate and convey any challenging problems, with a smile

– Travel encourages you to become independent and motivates you to speak to people, doesn’t it?

– Organising yourself (accommodation, car hire, flights)

– If you want to explore just do it even if it’s your local surroundings

– It is a great way to gain unforgettable experiences and become tolerant of others

– Teaches you about yourself
- Keep calm and carry on (try anyway)
- You acquire some great memories and stories


The big adventure has started and I’ve stopped over with the hubby in Dubai. We covered a lot in two days and walked miles and miles.

First things first. We cocked up and booked a ‘park’ hotel outside of Dubai. “Are we nearly there?” Husband asked the driver anxiously.

Eventually, we arrived tired at the hotel and requiring a drink. After dropping our cases off and inspecting the splendid accommodation we went in search of a beer. A friendly guest showed us to the pool bar but it had just closed. Bed it was then. Yay.

After breakfast, which consisted of stir fries, curries, eggs, turkey sausages, fish, salads, fruit, mmmm yum, we caught a taxi to the local metro station.

You can acquire a day ticket for 22ds (about five pounds). We set off to the Burj Khalifa and Mall stop. This stops in the mall area but you have to walk half a mile to the shopping bit. Then another half a mile to the lake area where the Burj Khalifa tower is and famous fountains. Good exercise haha flipping ha.

We booked our tower visit then had a wander around the area, had a lunch in Pret then went off to the Souk area which is the old and original Dubai. Back on the metro. The stop is Al Ras green line 23.

When I arrived it felt like I’d stumbled inadvertently onto a building site. However, if you walk along the road and turn right you do enter a souk.

The first area is fill of jewellery and then the following spaces are full of colourful spices, crockery, fabrics and clothes. A spectacular display of colour and vibrancy. The area feels safe enough because of all the other like minded tourists around you which is gratifying because upon arrival I felt slightly intimidated. The locals try to sell you their wares but are polite and not too insistent. All good fun and it is fascinating to get to the real Dubai.

We walked along the Creek and enjoyed the amazing views. Dubai has a thriving metropolis but it is imperative everyone experiences this bustling area and it was the highlight of my time in Dubai.

Eventually, we ventured forth to the tower, dinner and fountain display.

The Burj Khalifa is a good experience and make no mistake, you are high up. We managed, for once, to get window armchairs to view Dubai. This did placate hubby a little regarding the extortionate cost involved haha. Not thrilled about queuing to leave the place though. The tower is a magnificent accomplishment and incredible to see especially at night.

We had a super dinner in a local Lebanese restaurant followed by the fountain display which was a wonderful way to end the day.

Back home, via the metro, off we gallantly went, along the moving pathways (escalators) for the fifth time thinking about the long but interesting day. Phew.

Parks and Pool – Day 2

What fun! Our hotel has some associated parks attached. We had a stroll around a selection of them and braved a few rollercoasters and water rapids. Someone braved the bullet train. So I’ve been upside down and round and round at great speed. Loved it and I’ll grow up one day but not yet. During the afternoon we languished by the pool. Boy, it’s hot in Dubai but worth stopping by. Briefly.

Oh, and maybe the hotel wasn’t such a bad choice after all.