Consumable gifts and family time tips…

Been away so had a break from blogging but back now and thought I’d pop in a quick blog about the upcoming festivities – tips for giving presents and being with the family…

The rules for present giving are that they can be consumed or experienced. So to play safe always give food, drink, toiletries or experiences.


Chocolates or biscuits are best. Even better, if you make them yourself. They are always welcome this time of year because most people give up the fitness plan for a few days and over indulge. I know I do!


We always buy 12 bottles of wine for some relatives and they do the same back. Bit daft, but at least the wine in something that will be drunk. Also, saves aimlessly wandering around wondering what to buy them.


Anything like body cream, perfume of bubble bath is always useful and will be used throughout the year.


In my humble opinion always give a simple experience rather than somewhere people have to travel miles to enjoy. Recently had a superb meal in a posh hotel nearby and it was a wonderful treat. Or something like cinema tokens is a good option. Be careful the person receiving the experience will enjoy it rather than endure it.

Other bits that are pleasant to receive are candles, purses, bags, scarves, earings and necklaces.  Men just like beer don’t they?

Have a fantastic few days and don’t forget my family time tips for enjoying yourself.

– No political discussions (haha)

– Play some games (or catch up on holiday photos)

– Worry less about your diet but…

– Get out for some long walks in the fresh air

Have a fabulous time everyone. Thank you to everyone who follows, likes and reads my blog. It is much appreciated.


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8 Reasons why attending family events are useful…

Yesterday evening I visited a restaurant for a family meal to celebrate a birthday.  My small family unit (parents, children and partners) has always celebrated various family birthdays with a meal.  Sometimes we gather for a Sunday roast too.  It made me think how important these events are and question whether we are unusual to do this?  We have birthdays throughout the year, so it happens about every few months.

Yesterday, was a fantastic evening of debate, food, drink and laughter. We can all say what we honestly think about our own news, global and national events and so it is a great opportunity for discussion.

In my humble opinion, there are many reasons to do the above and I’ve decided to list them because it reminds me too.

Nurtures a bond between family members

Creates a debating environment

Good to catch up on people’s news

Provide advice and support

Gets you away from screens, hooray

Enjoy copious amounts of food and drink which is often home cooked

Stops loneliness and is good for the soul

Can devise plans for the next birthday year

Ok, my musings on family gatherings are over, for now, but I’ve one question. What do you enjoy about an evening out with friends and family?