Singapore day 4

Last day – ArtScience Museum

It is the last day of our visit to Singapore and we decided to be a little more relaxed. Firstly, we went to the ArtScience Museum. I wrongly assumed, it is  a museum like the one in London, but it isn’t. It holds exhibitions and we saw only one exhibition, called Future World: Where art meets science.

This is an immersive and interactive exhibition which has 16 installations and takes place in the iconic lotus shaped building, next to the also, iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The exhibition has many surreal digitally activated spaces and is clever. However, as clever as they are, I feel that ‘play’ should be in natural spaces, rather than digitally organised installations. That said, it is amazing how the art changes as it detects the visitors’ presence.


After this, we went to Chinatown by metro. This area is in sharp contrast to the rest of Singapore with its old colourful low rise buildings, small cluttered shops, cafes, restaurants and the crowded, bustling ambiance.

We enjoyed a walk to see the Sci Mariamman Temple and ornate Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. Then appreciated a Chinese meal of beef noodles and seafood stir fry which was delicious.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we were very impressed with Singapore. The tourists attractions are futuristic, fun, interesting and obscure. This is the perfect city, so do go, if you get the opportunity. My favourite destination was the Botanic Gardens closely followed by The Gardens by the Bay. Wonderful.