Cambridge (part 2)


During the previous day, we located the city centre, and the tourist office and obtained an improved map which, we were pleased to see, had a walk around the city on it. We do like a walk.

The first part was probably the most outstanding.  Sauntering down the King’s Parade we enjoyed the beauty of King’s College, Senate House, Gonville & Calus College and Trinity College. This area lies beside the River Cam and faces out onto King’s Parade in the centre of the city. Wow, what absolute splendour we have in England.  The opposing King’s was said to be founded in 1441 by Henry VI, who also founded the famous Eton School.  The proposals for King’s were disrupted by the War of the Roses and subsequently eventually taken up by Henry VII in 1508, who became interested in the project, possibly to grow his new position of King. We both felt proud of our heritage as we beheld these splendid places of study and improvement.


We continued, abet slowly, up Magdalene Street and viewed the glorious Magdalene College, Bridge Street with Sidney Sussex College and Christ’s College and then St Andrews Street, Emanuel College.


We came upon Great St Mary’s, The University Church of Cambridge, and decided to climb the tower.  After paying the bored teenager, we set about climbing and clambering up the stairs, in what seemed to me, a vertical and tight tunnel while all the time, praying nobody was choosing that very moment to come down in said vertical tunnel.  As I clambered to the top, I was relieved to find that there was a large wooden platform are whereupon one can view most, if not all, of Cambridge in its entirety.  Many photos were taken but I did remember to put my camera away, and fully experience the marvellous views.

Onward down Downing Street and came to Trumpington Street.  My hubby spotted the Fitzwilliam Museum and although tired, as it was free admission, decided to visit at a speed that would have impressed Usain Bolt haha.  Although, to be fair, I slowed down, to thoroughly enjoy the modernist masterpieces of Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh.  Joking aside, it was well worth a visit to see an outstanding and diverse collection of art and artefacts and includes works by Titian and Rembrandt through to the modernist art.

During the evening we visited many pubs and viewed the river at night lit by the bright moon and and street and shops lights.  It was well worth a visit and can highly recommend.


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Cambridge (Part 1)

A weekend, a break away.  Yes, another one. Hubby decided he needed his ancient hifi amp fixed so we ventured forth to Cambridge.  This apparently, is the only place where the experts can fix it…

Being the efficient person I am (ha ha), I booked a studio apartment. We arrived after many hours of moaning about the traffic and phoned the man to let us in said apartment. After much shouting over balconies, we were finally ushered in by a young polish chap who picked hubby’s bag up and left me to trail behind lugging my bag.

The studio apartment was stunning.  Thank goodness. It had everything. Beautiful bed, fully equipped kitchen, a comfortable seating area with the obligatory flat screen which I knew would not be used and green exotic plants so we could pretend we were not in Cambridge, but in some exotic land.


After unpacking I suggested we go out and get some food because I like cooking and we have a fully equipped kitchen.  Oh yes!


Off we toddled towards a shopping mall when husband realised he’d forgotten The Map. Back he scampered and then everything was fine.  We had the map and could locate Waitrose, the posh supermarket, and bought steaks for our heart attacks.

Returned home and set about cooking the steaks.  Made homemade chips, chopped tomatoes and mushrooms and grilled the steaks.  My husband asked if I had put on the fan.  I hadn’t bothered because I was trying to cope with the unfamiliar cooker and the fact that it wasn’t, em.. fully equipped.  There was one huge sharp knife and no potato peeler or small knives.  I just chopped up the potatoes, slung some butter and ground pepper on and shoved them in the oven.

The the smoke alarm went off.  Really piercing noise!!  As I opened the front door to let clean air in, a frantic man, with long grey hair, asked me if everything was ok and was I burning the dinner?  Me?  Burn food?  I don’t think so.  I told him through the noise, that I was just cooking my dinner and everything WILL BE FINE.  Eventually, I stopped the alarm by waving the bathroom towel under it.

The dinner was lovely and now you have a top tip on how to stop over zealous smoke alarms!  Needless to say, we frequented the local pub that evening, supped some beer, and laughed about the experience.  My husband cooked the breakfast in the morning and guess what?  Yes, it happened again!

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