What are your thoughts on cooking?

Did you sit and watch an adult cook, as a child?  If you did, you may have been given the inspiration to cook, as an adult.  If not, how about giving it a go?  Inspiration is what is needed in life.  That way, you can aspire to do most things.

Cooking was always a fascination but not always easy.  The secret is to be inspired and then practice and practice some more.  Use fresh, simple ingredients and relax.  Prepare the foods first and think what you need, in advance.  A pot of hot water for potatoes or the oven warmed up ready for a cake.  Someone should have told me all this, when I was struggling to cook at school.  I forgot to put the eggs in the gingerbread cake and my mother was furious.  To this day, I loathe gingerbread cake.

Memories of watching my mother bake and roll pastry still stay with me.  Hot fresh dinners, not always what I liked, but eaten anyway.  Midnight school trip feasts, picnics by the lake and hot summer afternoons messing about by the stream all sum up a childhood.  The first dinner, I cooked for my husband, pork roast with jam tart pudding.  Not much of a clue.  Potatoes were hard but things soon got better and I was considered a good cook by his family.  Now I love cooking and the memories…  It is all about inspiration.