Is this the end of Lockdown or the beginning of the end?


This evening I’ve finally managed to see my two grown up children! Hooray.

Of course, it isn’t the end of lockdown, is it? But at least we can finally enjoy seeing family. We met in the local park where my son lives and had a good old natter. Fantastic.

We discussed whether we should be ending lockdown which was a resounding YES? Also, should schools be back? Yes. Although, we all felt lockdown should have started earlier. The football matches and Cheltenham shouldn’t have happened just before lockdown either.

We also questioned whether we can trust the figures relating to deaths. Again any comparison is ambiguous as the UK now count care homes and I’ve heard people are recording Covid-19 on certificates whether it was the cause of death or not. In fact, data is now being questioned…

The Spanish government has stopped explicitly listing how many deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours, switching to a contentious measure of how many people have died in the past seven days. Nor is it updating the overall tally of deaths as frequently or completely as before.

Flawed data casts cloud over Spain’s lockdown strategy To come out and say there are zero deaths when deaths are taking place can create a lot of misunderstanding Rafael Bengoa, WHO director..

Overall, I feel we’ve done ok. Ventilators and hospital beds were rapidly arranged and isn’t it extraordinary how quickly things can be organised when they need to be!

Also, if we can do stuff such as build hospitals, rapidly, why can’t we always do things quickly instead of politicians taking so long to make decisions? People of all political persuasions are saying it would be good if we could speed up medical needs instead of waiting years for decisions to be made.

Another topic discussed was eating locally sourced food. The youngsters all love to cook and bake. During the lockdown, they’ve started to go to the local fruit and veg shop which is basically their local farm shop, in town. They hope to continue this. My daughter said she’d cooked sweet potato curry and my son likes to cook a mushroom risotto. Recently, I cooked a bean tomato stew with roasted vegetables. So looks like we will continue to eat less meat.


Today we explored another area of Bewl Water. It saves trailing down to the coast and is only a few minutes in the car. Another day, another walk. My goodness me the scenery is stunning. Of course, the glorious sunshine helps.

During this outing, I noticed youngsters are not following social distancing rules although over 30 age groups are. Suppose you think you will live forever when you are young.

One thing about lockdown is rediscovering the local countryside. I’ve even downloaded an app called Alltrail because I intend to go on some hikes.


I met up with my friend for a local park walk. It was lovely to catch up. She has her own housekeeping business and work has dropped during lockdown. However, she is managing to have a few bits of work filtering through so hopefully things will pick up soon.

The economy is a worry and I’m hoping there won’t be too many jobs lost because of this virus. People are going through dreadful times whilst trying to home school children and worry about their livelihoods.

A family bbq has been arranged for this weekend. It was decided bringing own plates and cutlery is unnecessary due to hygienic rules I’ve adhered to.

The weather is deteriorating at the weekend so if Covid-19 doesn’t get us pneumonia will.

Toodle Pip

P.S. I’m persevering with the new Block Editor on WordPress. I’m getting there but it has been frustrating. How are you doing?

5 thoughts on “Is this the end of Lockdown or the beginning of the end?

  1. I agree it’s lovely to see family again but as you know I shall continue to be super-cautious about meeting up with anyone else. I shall be watching the R-factor very closely. I agree with the above commenter entirely. I see VitaminK is another positive discovery in the treatment of Covid. Have a lovely weekend

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    1. Yes, I agree. I’m really cautious too and wash my hands (or sanitise) constantly. I always mask up for shops as well. All trips out tend to be very social distance friendly and hubby does the food shopping because I still find it stressful. Have a lovely weekend too.

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  2. Thanks – I’ve enjoyed your posts these past weeks.

    I have a feeling we are relaxing too soon. I anticipate there will be a rebound in cases in the next few weeks, and of deaths a couple of weeks after that. And then what does the government do? Reintroduce lockdown?

    I think this thing will last a lot longer than we expect, or hope. There may or may not be a vaccine; and even if there is, it may or may not be effective. We don’t know how much immunity having had Covid-19 provides, or how long it might last.

    There are some hopeful points. First, the treatment regimes have improved since it began, and new treatments are being identified and brought into use. There’s been the identification of blood clotting as a factor in deaths, the use of remdeselvir, the identification of low T-Cell count as a danger signal (and the possibility of deploying treatments to strengthen t-cell counts), and now even the possibility of using good old Ibuprofen! Second, we must hope that over time the virus will get milder – that’s what viruses tend to do, I gather. As you say, we now know how to build and deploy dedicated-purpose hospitals. And finally there’s the ‘test and trace’ strategy, which we’ve got to hope becomes more efficient and effective. But I have a feeling that we will be living with this for years; dealing with it will become part of the way we live.

    Sorry to sound so gloomy!

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    1. Yes, it is difficult, I agree. Funnily enough, I was discussing this with my friend. Once all the shops, businesses and schools open, I feel there will be a strange period of ‘now what?’ This virus is not going anywhere without herd immunity or a vaccine. Apparently, Italian doctors think the virus is becoming weaker so let’s hope this is true. My biggest concern is it reappears during the winter months. What does annoy me is that I feel the UK has different reporting standards to other European countries. Anyway, thanks for your in-depth comments. I am pleased you enjoy my blog. Best wishes, Andrea 🙂


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