Lockdown Food and Memory Lists

This morning David (Husband) got up very early and visited our local supermarket. This saves queuing and wanting to clonk the one idiot who refuses to social distance.

My goodness, we have enough food now for several weeks and spent loads of money. This action derives from me having nightmares about running out of food, waking up with Covid-19 symptoms, and having to isolate with no food in the house. Yes, my children smiled on last night’s Zoom chat, joking they don’t charge much for delivering food.

When I become really old (if I get there which is doubtful if I don’t stop eating crap), I will be one of those stubborn folks, who refuse help will I not? Didn’t even occur to me to ask for help.

The food arrives with hubby saying it was quite busy, and I decant the bags and proceed with the ridiculous task of decontaminating the food packaging and jars. Dear God, really? This is what we have come to?

Then, once washed, and only then, is it organised, with obligatory rubber gloves on, into the appropriate storage. Raises eyes to the ceiling. What a carry on.

Although, I must confess, a list was carefully written and it is fun to have the BIG REVEAL of goodies such as copious red wine (tick), chocolate biscuits (tick), craft beers (tick), mixed nuts (tick) and I’ll probably be as fat as a house, by the time this has finished (tick)! Hubby even managed to get some gold dust; oh I mean hand sanitiser. £6 flipping pounds!!!!! I paid £20 online, but at least I acquired it when needed.

Seriously though, at the beginning of this dreadful time, I could hardly eat because I had the worst anxiety and panic I’ve ever had. My blood pressure is high and the situation is an ongoing worry. At least the government are now indicating when lockdown will end but we will all have to be very, very careful for months to come.

This week. I’m taking steps to reduce the rubbish and eat more healthily. I’m walking in the local woods daily to raise my mood ‘what is this mad woman who wanders around the woods?’ I feel everyone is thinking. Who cares what folk think as they walk their dogs? I do not. Also, we are eating even more fish, chicken and veggie meals. Although, I’ve clocked hubby has bought some charcoal, lighters and beef burgers so a BBQ is obviously imminent.

Some of the things I’ve been eating are chicken casserole, pan fried salmon/cod veggies, veggie omelettes, fresh pasta, home baked bread and picky bits for lunch. All good, healthy fodder but a few biscuit snacks are creeping in the evening which we NEVER have normally.

Who would have thought we’d have been living like this when we were at the New Year’s Eve party drunkenly hoping the 20’s are going to roar? Roar they are, but not in the way I was hoping.

I listened to the Happier Podcast with Gretchen Rubin and the topic discussed was lists to make memories. In a future post I will write about what I’ve changed during this time and what I will continue. Here is today’s list…

Words and phrases to describe this time:
Loo rolls
Hair dye
Family walks (‘It takes a Pandemic to go on a family walk’ written on Instagram)
Exercise equipment
Birds (tweeting)
Alcohol (Beer, wine, gin)
Social Distancing

Working from home



Thank you


Lounge wear



Board games (added from comment, thanks)

Anything else? Thanks for stopping by. Comments welcome.

7 thoughts on “Lockdown Food and Memory Lists

  1. I was wiping our groceries down with sanitizing wipes for weeks, and now our CDC (Center for Disease Control in the States) is saying that we don’t have to, that the main way the virus is passed is through droplets when we talk, sneeze or cough. I know we are still learning about the virus on a daily basis, but honestly, the conflicting advice we are getting is very confusing. So sometimes I still wipe them down….

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    1. Yes, I’m constantly washing my hands anyway so decided to stop wiping the groceries. Think the habitual routines are good enough now. I’m very careful but looking forward to moving forward (with caution) now. Thanks for commenting.

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      1. That’s exactly how I feel! I’m glad things are gradually reopening (although the riots and protests in the States are going to drive up the numbers for a little while) but still being cautious. I think now is the time to use common sense and to minimize the risk, while still living as normally as we can. I’m so glad I’ve found your blog!!

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  2. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who gets paranoid about the food and other items that come into the house. I have a small flat but in the hall there’s nice shiny white table and that’s where all dry goods are put for 3 days (and all post and deliveries). Otherwise it’s gloves and a hot soapy water wash down for all the other items that need to go in the fridge or freezer. Phew – we get our food delivered but nevertheless it really is quite stressful receiving the delivery!

    I don’t think we’ll forget the year 2020!

    P.S. You might get this comment twice as I’m on theWordpress ‘Reader’ now – tried to comment on the website and it disappeared


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