Musings on the crisis and a rant!

The Crisis

It is important to acknowledge the enormity of the Coronavirus crisis and the subsequent devastation on so many levels. I don’t discuss it much here whilst blogging, but it is, as with everyone, constantly on my mind. The heart-breaking medical situations, the loss of our liberty, the financial burden, employment/business fallout, the media and the anxiety and stress of our mental and physical health are not going to end imminently.
It is good to have time to think, clean, exercise, read, decorate, etc. but it is a challenge to remain positive much of the time. This blog has become a journal of my experiences and I’m glad to say writing this, has been rewarding for me and I hope, interesting to others and fascinating to look back on.
At present, I can’t see a return to normal for some months to come.


I’ve decided to take a break from social media and particularly Facebook. The final straw was when someone posted something moaning and referring to someone as Sicknote ….. The person had been in Intensive Care. Now normally, I just scroll past when someone posts/shares an ignorant view but this lady rarely posts so I thought it could be interesting. It made me angry because the content was so disgusting and I was shocked that this FB Friend had posted it. Anyway, it serves no purpose. None at all. Enough is enough and apart from occasionally posting on my blog page, I won’t even look at Facebook for a while. So far, it has been a couple of weeks and I feel much better for it. Yes, know I can mute/unfollow but really I need a break from all the noise. This has been coming for some time as it has become the platform to moan about who is doing what, and why they shouldn’t be doing it during lockdown or any other time! At present my main concern is my family and the surrounding community. Certainly not Gotcha armchair opinions and politics. Especially now. Oh, and it is possible to have this view on all content whether you favour the political/celebrity/friend’s views or not. I’ve been known to be irritated by daft attacks on politicians I’m not keen on (understatement). If the views are vicious and twisted and just someone launching into a cruel diatribe then it is better left unsaid. Twitter and Instagram are far more interesting in my humble opinion. Rant over. I’ll be more cheerful in future, I promise.

Positive News
At least there is some good news; the one person I know who has had this dreadful virus is now recovering in hospital having been seriously ill in ICU on a ventilator for many weeks. It must be such a relief for her family and is such promising news. Hopefully, she will be able to rest, have physio and eventually make a full recovery. Also, I have a family member in a medical care situation and she seems to be happy and well looked after by the devoted medical staff. Thank goodness we have the NHS. I’ve always been an advocate and am even more so now.
Hope you are all well. Onwards and upwards 🙂 
Take care,
Andrea x

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6 thoughts on “Musings on the crisis and a rant!

  1. I too have taken a break from Facebook, as it just makes me angry to see how others are behaving. We’re in a clucking crisis here and Husband has been advised by the NHS not to leave the house for his own safety as he is clinically vulnerable. Meanwhile we see family members swanning around.

    I have had to remind myself several times that I can’t control how other people behave. I can only control how I respond to it…

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    1. Yes, FB has become really negative. I’ve been out (not every day) for exercise and essential food shopping. I tend to do woodland walks to keep away from others. Thankfully, my husband does most of the food shopping (about once 2/3 weeks). It must be very hard to be isolated at home but you should be proud of your actions. Thanks for commenting. Stay safe and best wishes. Andrea x


  2. Apart from as a means of occasionally checking up on family members, I’ve been deliberately avoiding Facebook – I don’t have any other social media accounts, especially since the start of the present crisis.

    The site is plagued (excuse the pun), with far too much negativity and ill-informed opinions to such an extent that its creator must be wondering what on earth he has unleashed on the world – that’s if he can spare the time from counting all his millions!

    Perhaps I’ll take a look at Instagram.

    Stay safe and keep positive, and I’m sure that together we will get through this, one way or the other!

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    1. Yes, I’m quite happy for people to share their opinions whether I agree or not. It just seems to be becoming, as you say, very negative and ill-informed. I quite like Instagram because it is just mainly people’s photos and musings. Thanks for commenting. I was uncomfortable with posting this as it negative too but felt I had to acknowledge the global situation. More upbeat posts in future. Incidentally, The Week magazine is a very good way to stay up-to-date with global current affairs. Gives all political views too, which I personally like. Stay safe, enjoy some beer, Cheers, Andrea

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  3. I too have found comments and criticisms re the government on FB really irritating especially as the main culprit now lives in France.

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    1. It just seems the wrong time. I think everyone is doing their best and are letting us know what is going on daily. Yes, I know someone like that too. Moves somewhere else and has the audacity to criticise.


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