Bundaberg, birds and beer stories….

We arrived at Kelly’s Villas and thought I’m on the set of the Aussie soap Home and Away. The place has an old world Aussie charm about it. Staff are cheerful, hard working folk and we immediately felt at home.

An evening dinner was booked in Kelly’s Restaurant and beforehand we had a quick exploration drive around the surrounding area. The beach is pretty and very Home and Away plus the surrounding area has neat, tidy attractive houses with colourful immaculate garden areas. Aussies definitely seem to take pride in their surroundings.

Back at the residence, the dinner was amazing. I enjoyed barramundi and quickly realised this quaint place had secured a superb chef. Also, a good range of beers was supplied by a well stocked bar. The beer comes from a local brewery, the Bargara Brewing Company and the beer Drunk Fish, has an interesting story attached to it.

During the night, we kept the windows open because they are covered in mesh. Trouble is, the wind banged the blinds, the birds woke up early and I said to hubby:

”It’s like trying to sleep in a zoo.”

He laughed out loud and replied, “Or an Avery.”

I kid you not, the noise of the birds are incredible in Australia. Swear I thought there was a bloke standing out of our bedroom window whistling. Nope, it was one of the birds. Squawking, whistling and believe it or not, tapping.  Sure they are all in competition with each other. Then they come into a crescendo, go quiet for 5 seconds and start again.

Hubby’s phone went and we washed, dressed then I shouted out to hubby, it is only 3.45 to which he told me he wouldn’t be long and I bellowed out the time again. He heard me properly this time, and shouted out that he understood my point. We were meant to be getting up at 5 am for a trip. The ‘alarm’ was a spam phone call. We dozed until about 5am, but the Avery became too much, so we got up ready for our trip to the Great Barrier Reef.

Next post is all about our jaunt to the Great Barrier Reef. What could possibly go wrong? 🙄

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