Singapore day 1

We finally arrived very weary but excited at Singapore. From the first moment of arriving, I knew Singapore was a magnificent place.

Driving out of the airport along the wide, tree lined avenues is gratifying. The trees are beautiful, glistening in the sunlight and Singapore enjoys a wonderful array of natural beauty mingling with old and new architecture.

After a much needed shower and freshen up at the hotel, we started to explore this glorious city. We went in a nearby mall and I bought some much needed shorts for me from Marks & Spencer! Then wandered around admiring the varied architecture and went eventually into the art exhibition Presidents Young Talents 2018. The topics of the immersive and mindful paintings, sculptures and new media are instructive and innovative. I personally enjoyed their intellectual endeavours.

We strolled into the first exhibition room where there were a group of people, animatedly English speaking westerners, laughing and talking. I looked at the sculptures and media then heard an almighty crash behind me.

“Sorryeeee, sorry, that was my fault.” A woman drawled anxiously. The man said it didn’t matter when it clearly did and sounded distraught.

I carried on examining and looking at the works whilst pretending to ignore the calamity behind me and then wandered upstairs leaving the poor man taking photos of the debris.

Upstairs the lively people continued to giggle and chat during the remainder of the exhibition. I felt irritated and realised they clearly didn’t care they’d caused so much havoc and distress.

The exhibition overall was simplistic in some ways and clever and innovative as well. I enjoyed the creativity of the work which is refreshing to see in contemporary art installations and media.

We continued to explore and found the famous Raffles Hotel and I enjoyed a Singapore Sling cocktail. Yes, I realised I was going to thoroughly enjoy Singapore which is a splendid city. The people are friendly and very helpful too.

We had endured flying throughout the night so was very tired. We popped back to our hotel for a cup of tea, break and planning before going back out for dinner and drinks. I decided that we should frequent a couple of bars and then have an early night.

The bars were researched online by hubby and very good. We drank some superior craft beers and then went home for a much needed full night’s sleep. Tomorrow the sightseeing really starts. Ho hum…

6 thoughts on “Singapore day 1

  1. Enjoy Singapore! – I’ve been there twice and have loved it both times. I found my biggest problem was just managing the heat.
    Presumably you’re going to Gardens by the Bay? – it can be very hot walking around the outdoor areas, but the Cloud Forest dome is amazing – well worth the money. I also enjoyed a visit i made to the National Museum of Singapore, mainly about its history from pre-colonial times to today. The exhibits detailing the Japanese victory over the British forces are sobering, but even more so is the exhibit about the hardships the people of Singapore suffered during the Japanese occupation.
    Then as a complete break from serious stuff, you have to visit Orchard Road. Much, much more impressive shopping than anything in the UK!
    Finally, don’t be afraid to to try some local food from a food stall. I was wary at first, but if you use a food court in a mall it’ll be air-conditioned. I always enjoyed a good meal of Chicken Rice. Oh, and use the MRT – cheap, safe and efficient.


    1. Thank you. We visited the Botanic Gardens and plan to visit Bay by the Garden which looks incredible. We have a 3 day MRT ticket which is very useful. Although we like walking it is to hot. Must say the heat isn’t too bad and we are managing well. Do you have a blog? Thanks for your tips. Very useful.


      1. Thanks for coming back to me, given that you must be very tired!

        Yes, I do have a travel blog: . I’ve categorised all the posts, and there are categories for ‘Asia 2017’ and ‘Asia 2018’, and these include posts about my visits to Singapore.

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