Minimalism – Decluttering a Wardrobe and Packing…

Recently, I decided to reorganise my wardrobe because it was starting to look chaotic. Also, I’m off on my adventures again soon, so a tidy wardrobe helps with packing.

Because of the changing seasons, I needed to curate winter clothing too. Although the clothing space was sorted out a year ago, I wanted to obtain more room so I could enjoy my clothes and see them clearly. To be honest, I thought I’d only throw (recycle) a few things out. However, I gradually became quite brave as well as disciplined and managed a whole black sack full! My clothing throw out list is as follows:

– Anything that doesn’t fit NOW goes

– Anything not worn during the past year goes

– Anything that is damaged beyond repair goes

Also, I made a note of what stuff I wear daily and realised my taste for minimal clothing…

– Crew neck tops

– Plain trousers/skirts

– Favourite colour blue

– Selection of scarves, boots and jackets

I tend to dress these looks up with bright, contemporary print scarves and I love jackets too (cloth and leather). Also, love wearing boots and have quite a few pairs. Occasionally, I will buy a bright flowery dress or blouse/shirt but I don’t wear this look much.


I have learnt the art of folding the Marie Kondo way and it is fabulous for packing. Everything looks tidy and you can see what you have at a glance which is particularly useful if you are travelling and only staying at a place for a night or two.

Useful Sources

A Small Wardrobe (This blogger did a 28 Day Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge) on WordPress

Marie Kondo

8 thoughts on “Minimalism – Decluttering a Wardrobe and Packing…

  1. Yes, enjoy your adventures.

    I have been trying for 3 years to declutter. I finally had to just box up things that the wife and mother-in-law never got around to getting rid of. Boxed up, and taken to the remote storage till they decide to do something with it all. I feel closed in when I have a lot of clutter.

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  2. Hiya, I love your no-nonsense approach to what clothes you will keep and what ones you will let go. Marie Kondo is great and her method of folding never fails – I could never go back to just stuffing clothes in a drawer now! Great post, Lxxx

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  3. Hi and well done you for decluttering. I like following the same rules as you do and have pruned my clothes before and have just had a big session of going through my clothes and saying – Really? And, Why? I also follow Marie Kondo and fold all my clothes that aren’t hung up. Rolling when packing is also great.

    Enjoy your adventures 🙂

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    1. Yes, folding keeps everything tidy. I’m so pleased to get rid of all those clothes too. Went to a fab charity shop in Nottinghill recently Oxfam(as previous post). Was like a posh boutique and full of designer gear. Love reading your blog btw. Thanks. Ax

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