Cornwall – Castles, beaches, art, pubs, walking and opinions…

Before this blog dissipates completely, I thought I’d better write a post. This week I am holidaying in Falmouth, Cornwall and have been very busy.

On Sunday, I visited the magnificent Pendennis Castle, one of Henry VIII’s coastal forts. Really enjoyed wandering around the castle and surrounding area. The castle itself transports you back to 16th century invasions and the tensions of World War 2 defences. The grounds are equally impressive with beautiful coastline views and various exhibitions of canons and artillery.

On Monday, I drove to the Eden Project which has certainly grown up since I last visited it with rather unimpressed children 👶. Nestled in a crater are Biomes housing a rainforest, Mediterranean gardens, art installations and other events such as an over loud story teller for the bored children. Entrance fees, which are extortionate, support environmental projects. You can also enjoy or endure a zip wire which is England’s longest and fastest zip wire experience if you wish too. I was quite keen, but put off when I saw some chap get stuck half way. He just stopped. The zip wire chaps left him dangling embarrassingly for several minutes before they arrived and dragged him back with rope and poles. No to that zip wire fun then!

On Tuesday, I drove to St Ives for a day of wandering around galleries, craft shops and stuffing myself with ice cream with clotted cream on top. Some contemporary art, which I love, is very inspirational and ingenious but some pieces are ridiculous and vastly overpriced. However, this is part of the experience to formulate an overinflated opinion and be judgemental whilst looking for that piece of art you just have to have. The beach views, as a backdrop to the aimless wandering, are quite glorious too.

Today, I went on a 6 mile walk around Falmouth through farmland and ending up walking along the coast. Beautiful Cornish views helped keep up my energy as did the humongous crab sandwich and just when I thought I was full, I stuffed myself stupid with another clotted cream ice cream 🍦in the wonderful beach cafe.

So that is how the week has gone so far. Of course I have frequented a few pubs too. Beerwolf Books is my idea of heaven. A pub with a book shop. Browse the books and have a pint. Pennycomequick is a great place too for both food and drink. The staff are ‘millennials’ and extremely helpful, cheerful, efficient and enthusiastic. Having encountered many experienced but curmudgeonly  landlords during my time, can’t help thinking this is the approach to stop so many pubs closing. Be pleasant and sell a good variety of what people want in a clean and inviting ambience.

The pubs, cafes and restaurants in Falmouth are splendid and everyone seems friendly too which helps the beer go down.

Ok, I’ve walked a long way so just out for a quick drink. Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “Cornwall – Castles, beaches, art, pubs, walking and opinions…

    1. After August the temperature drops and only the surfers go on the beach. If there is a warm spell then you will get a few more people go and sit on the beach. This September has been a bit chilly with rain. May, June, July and particularly August are busy months in Cornwall. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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  1. It’s along time since I last visited Cornwall – 30 years in fact, so it’s good to read your write up of the country. The beaches and the inland scenery are what do it for me, especially as they are totally different from neighbouring Devon – a county we holidayed in several years running when we were first married.

    Glad to read that you didn’t run into any curmudgeonly landlords. It always amazes me why these people enter a trade which involves so much interaction with the general public? I reckon I’ve enough material to write a blog posts about the sour-faced old devils who inhabit, and ruin, many an otherwise perfectly good pub.

    We’re off to Yorkshire in the morning. What’s the betting we encounter a few curmudgeonly old so and so’s there!

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    1. Haha yes Paul but we did experience one recently near you but in the countryside! We tried to give him some Spa Valley Beer Festival stuff and he said he didnt want to promote other people’s businesses and was THE curmudgeonly landlord. The pub I mentioned here has amazingly good customer service which is great to receive. Have a good time in Yorkshire. Cheers, A


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