Maastricht… day 1

Why Maastricht?

This is going to be our first family holiday for years and it is all very exciting. We are going with our offspring and their partners. Maastricht is the place we are visiting, because my daughter’s husband grew up there as a child and wants to show us the place.

Day 1

We set off bleary eyed in the car with cases and a jointly prepared picnic. The journey was relaxing because my son-in-law kindly offered to drive. During the journey enjoyed one or two naps and watched the English, French, Belgium and eventually the Dutch countryside rushing by. We stopped for lunch which was ham or cheese rolls, tomatoes and coleslaw. Homemade cookies, made by son’s girlfriend and omg they were delicious. We sat outside, and although freezing, it was fun and we were pleased to eat because all ravenous.

We arrived, parked in the hotel carpark and set off for beers and bitterballen. We found a bar and relaxed for a couple of hours and then returned to the hotel to register, unpack and refresh for dinner. Must say, already impressed with Maastricht with its cobled streets, beautiful architecture and vibrant, busy bars.

Dinner was a huge plate of Satay chicken, salad and chips. When I finished, I did think about choosing some healthy options, at some point, during this adventure.

Can’t wait to explore the city.

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