#Running again and some healthy tips… Update

Pleased to say, that I’m beginning to run on the treadmill again. It is rather exacting and the “random” level has been lowered so the hill climbing isn’t too ridiculous. Also, during the so called run (shuffle), I’m tending to walk a little too. It isn’t a good idea to overdo things.

The funny thing is, moving at a faster pace should be harder, but I find the process is advantageous and oddly relaxing. The same with fast walking. You feel you’ve achieved something and are re-energized afterwards.

Apparently, the best foods to eat after a run are eggs, bacon, toast, yoghurt and fruit. For lunch a chicken sandwich with a side salad or a burger with sweet potato fries. So a selection of healthy fats, lean protein, dairy and fruits are ideal. When over 50 years old, it is recommended to try ‘protein pacing’ and spread out your meals so you eat about every four hours and drink plenty of water. This is good for muscle repair so make sure you get plenty of healthy protein. To be honest, this is good advice because once you start getting really hungry, you start manically stuffing rubbish food and the diet falls apart. If that happens call it a PLUS DAY rather than a bad day, and start again the following day.

I’m pleased to say that it is ok to run before breakfast if you don’t run for more than an hour. This is great because it is the best time to exercise, in my opinion. Going to the gym in the morning is far more successful than in the evening. It’s easy not to bother after work and the energy levels are so much better in the morning.

Anyway, it has been a slow process for me, but the aches and pains have gone, at least for now. As running was on the after Christmas agenda, it is a good result. Well goodish. Still feel that fitness should take a higher priority, but you have to have fun as well, don’t you?

Apparently, a beer or two is OK because it offers fluids, sodium, potassium and carbs although you shouldn’t choose a beer over four per cent alcohol. Well, that’s me in the dog house then. I  drink the craft beers (American IPA) and they are usually high in alcohol. Oh well, I am improving and it is a tricky time of year…

Tonight, I’ve had a lovely salmon stew with spinach, mushrooms, peppers, onions, tomatoes, fresh basil and it was rather good, even if I say so myself.

So I’m trying to retain some sort of sensible diet but it is challenging isn’t it? Taking small steps is a good way to get going so I’ve managed to cut out rubbish food, particular processed sugar. It is all about having the right frame of mind and when you are poorly, it is hard. It is great to feel better and hopefully I will stay healthy. Anyway, hope you are all well and looking forward to having some time off at the end of this month for the festivities.

To sum up:

  • Take exercise and build up slowly
  • Morning exercise is best for motivation (in my opinion)
  • Eggs, bacon, toast, yoghurt and fruit are best after exercise. For lunch chicken, beef with salad
  • Have a treat!
  • Check out my previous foody blogs for inspiration
  • If you have a bad day just call it a PLUS DAY and start again, the following day.

Thank you for reading my blog,it is appreciated and don’t forget to follow. 🙂

,  Salmon Stew



Source: https://www.runnersworld.co.uk/nutrition/10-running-nutrition-questions-get-answered

4 thoughts on “#Running again and some healthy tips… Update

  1. Very well done you! It’s good to read about your ‘journey’ to heath. like reading about your progress. Because I’m so unfit. I walk a lot and I’ve got a fitbit so I know when I’m under 5000. I like to do between 7000 & 9000 steps and give a cheer when I go over 10,000 (about once a week). However, it’s 6 months since I regularly went to a class. And I can feel the difference and the deterioration! OK, all to do with the move and not due to being lazy, but once you stop it’s really hard to get back to that routine. Also the class was a good mix of Pilates and Yoga and I haven’t found an equivalent. A month ago I found a great class that was very different but good, and I thought yes! But funnily enough for the last two weeks I haven’t gone (for perfectly good reasons) so I’m still not back into the swing of it all. I’ll tell you when I’ve been for 6 weeks without any absences – that’ll be the breakthrough!


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    1. Thank you! Sounds like you are doing great. Walking is a good way to exercise. I know how you feel about deterioration. That’s exactly how I was feeling. Thankfully, I’m feeling refreshed now back in the gym doing weights as well as the cardio. Hopefully, the improvement will continue for both of us. Have a wonderful Christmas and new year. I look forward to reading more of your interesting blogs too. Xx

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