Many Life Changes…

A lot has happened over the last few weeks, relating to work and fitness. I’m about to leave my current job, mainly, because I’ve lost some of my passion for social media and require a change with some new challenges. My only regret is that I wasn’t proactive earlier because I’ve felt this way for a few months. Things change, and you need to change with them. There are opportunities out there! Do you ever feel like this?

Also this month, I’ve decided to join a class aimed at gaining fitness and losing weight. Many people seem to have gone off the fitness trail and I’m one of them! A class meeting is being held twice a week, with a weigh in once a week. My start has been slow due to a weak ankle and now a bad back. Injuries are unusual for me, because I train to avoid them. So frustrating.

Because of all of the recent changes above, I will be writing some blogs about diet, fitness and well being. I am not an expert, but like to read articles about health/fitness, run (shuffle), exercise and write about my experiences. Also, I’m very normal and prone to overeating and drinking one or two beers. So you can take my ideas with a pinch of salt or try them out and read any attached links if you wish.

So what is the plan? I’m actually going to exercise most days, but start slowly. To be honest, food intake is more important because I’ve lost the plot lately. Hasn’t everyone? My calorie intake will be about 1200 calories with the occasional cheat meal. All food will be recorded. Luckily, healthy food attracts me even more than junk food. Cooking from scratch, whatever that means, comes naturally to me. Also, recently, I’ve devised some recipes which will fill me up,hopefully, without making me fat. (Blog post coming up.)

Although I run occasionally, I will do less of this and focus more on strength training and attend the weight loss class twice a week. Walking is also a favourite of mine, so I’ll do more prancing about the countryside with the borrowed dog, Oscar.

Really enjoyed the first weight loss class. Blaring music and lots of movement, but several exercise options given, in case you aren’t fully fit. Great stuff.

So the plan is..

  • Focus on new opportunities (there is a plan!)
  • Aim to become healthier
  • More outside activities
  • New hobbies
  • Read about health, fitness, etc.

Are you going to join me? Let’s hope it won’t be too arduous. 😏



6 thoughts on “Many Life Changes…

  1. This all sounds so good! I’m also wanting to work on eating healthier snacks and meals, as well as exercising daily. I’m taking it all a day at a time. xx


  2. Good luck with your fitness and calorie intake reduction regime, Andrea. It sounds far too regimented for me, but I admire your dedication.

    I prefer a rather gentler approach; one which involves walking and being outside as much as possible. I go out for a walk virtually every lunchtime, taking in the beautiful scenery of the area which surrounds my workplace, enjoying being out in the fresh air and appreciating the ever changing seasons.

    I have also started using my bike more at weekends; although I admit to being very much a “fair-weather” rider. Just being outside though, raking up the leaves, or chopping wood, provides some good aerobic exercise, and what’s more it’s useful work and it’s free!

    Good luck too with your new job. I agree it’s far too easy to become stuck in a rut, and often difficult to leave our comfort zone. We all need to challenge ourselves more, and no I don’t mean abseiling down the side of the Shard or trekking across the Sahara.

    I’ve got a few ideas of my own which will involve me in things I am passionate about, but first I have to clear that mortgage (not long to go), and get a few other things out of the way. Then, who knows?

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    1. Unfortunately, due to my back pain, I’ve only just started to do the exercise, etc. Yes, I like getting outside too. Walking, garden stuff and the latest thing is washing my gorgeous car! The gym is fun because I like doing the weights. People who say the gym is boring are probably going to the wrong gym. I go to a small village gym with a beautiful garden and lots of interaction with other folks and do mostly weight training to strengthen muscle and keep supple. It’s all about keeping supple, healthy and happy. What you are doing sounds great because ultimately you have to do what you enjoy. Your future sounds interesting and fulfilling too which is what it is all about. Andyx


  3. I agree with you about the work side of things. I’ve been stuck in a rut for a while wondering is the grass greener elsewhere but I was in my comfort zone. Eventually I forced myself out of the zone and really stretched myself and not looked back. I look forward to your posts on your food & fitness journey. I too have lost my fitness mojo but started running recently after two months of doing nothing. It was tough, but it gets easier. Good luck.

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    1. What lovely comments. Yes! Stuck in a rut and in your comfort zone is a great way to describe it. Hopefully, life will become interesting and I’m very excited about the future. Onwards and most definitely upwards. Thanks for the encouragement. Xxx

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