A day out in #Lewes

This beautiful town isn’t particularly near to where I live, but the journey is well worth it. Lewes has a long winding medieval street running through the centre, with a wonderful array of shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, pubs and a nearby castle.

It is easy to feel the essence of a bygone time as the buildings are beautiful and fascinating to view. The 15th century book shop is quite quirky along with the castle (around 1066) built by William de Warenne. We wandered up to this by climbing up the hill and you are then rewarded with spectacular views.

We went around some of the galleries and pondered over the prices of the pieces on display and decided, on this occasion, that we didn’t like them that much! Maybe I should go back to painting myself.

We stopped for a much needed lunch at Robsons of Lewes. A cafe with many tables and a small, pretty garden. I enjoyed a wonderful grilled halloumi and avocado salad. Then further into town we looked across the River Ouse and frequented the Harvey’s Brewery shop. This has a good selection of not only beers, but many other drinks too! So we bought a fridge :/ magnet. Of course, you can book a tour around the brewery and enjoy a drop of ale afterwards.

The town walk makes a day out if you intersperse the wanderings with a beer, a cup of tea, meal and there are many contemporary art galleries and historic & special interest sites to saunter round. Can highly recommend.

7 thoughts on “A day out in #Lewes

  1. A nice post Andrea, about a lovely old town. I like Lewes a lot, especially its quirkiness and sense of history. I also like the fact that it’s the home to one of my favourite breweries; but then you probably knew that already!

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