The Ivy, Tower Bridge – Part 2

After the blogging event, we jumped on the Tube and went to The Ivy, London Bridge. It is near the station and the bridge so easy to find. The restaurant has a large glass window front with a magnificent view of London Bridge. We crossed the bridge to reach the restaurant and was able to take some wonderful night time views.

When we located the place we had trouble finding the entrance as you have to walk around the corner to actually find it. We arrived and was taken to our table. A lovely place which was exceedingly busy with lots of people having animated conversations about life and enjoying the delicious food.  We were asked if we would like still or sparkling water and my daughter firmly said ‘tap please’. I love the way she doesn’t worry about what people think, although nor do I nowadays.

The staff were friendly and told us all about the menu, but we couldn’t hear because it was soooo noisy. Unfortunately, this does seem to be a problem, but I could see that the problem would not last and many people were finishing their meals and had come from work so would probably depart which is, exactly what happened.

I had duck pate to start, lamb for my main course and then this most amazing chocolate bomb. I decided to have a beer because I had to drive home from the station, in a few hours time. Unfortunately, the glass was completely inappropriate for a female as it was large with a handle and the rime was about half an inch thick. I tweeted them about it, but was positive apart from complaining about the glass. The food and service were superb. The chocolate bomb was incredible and the highlight of the meal.  The waiter poured hot caramel sauce over the smooth mound and it all collapsed into a kaleidoscope of beauty and gorgeousness.  Oh, the  decadence of it! Yum! We are still dreaming about it. Quite sublime.

Can recommend the experience and it wasn’t too pricey. Not really. It is what life is all about really, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “The Ivy, Tower Bridge – Part 2

  1. Beer should always be served in the appropriate glass; something the Belgians invariably get right and something we in the UK all too often get wrong. Very wrong, from what you are saying, Andrea.

    Out of interest, what was the beer? I would have thought that an establishment like the Ivy would have got these details right; unless of course the majority of their customers prefer “fine wine” to beer.

    If so, they are missing out, because if a major wine-producing and wine-drinking country like Italy, can embrace beer and encourage its consumption with meals, then surely we can do something similar over here.

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    1. Hi Paul, The beer was Meantime Pilsner and quite nice. I should have asked for a different glass. I agree with you, that glasses are very important. In fact, I have a bit of a thing about them. Personally, I prefer a stem glass but you don’t very often get them these days. Something the pub industry could improve on. The restaurant probably serves mostly wine but I was driving later so just wanted a beer, which is my favourite drink anyway. It is quite ridiculous to serve a drink in such a glass. I’ve been drinking Pilsner since I was about 15 and ale since my early 20s (way before I met D). So it isn’t a new thing. Thanks for commenting. Ax 🙂


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