It’s All About (The) Blogging Niche

I’ve been blogging for a few months and I’m happy with how it is going.  However, I am aware that, as the title suggests, it is a little too much of a mishmash.

When researching advice on starting a blog, some bloggers suggest finding a niche, but some think it is fine just to blog about multiple passions. What do you think? Blogging was originally meant to be a log about life issues. The most popular blogs are Huffington and Mashable.

I’ve decided to focus on health, fitness and wellbeing. The wellbeing bit, will cover reviews, food and life observations. This does cover a lot, which is the idea of the blog, but retains some sort of a niche. I will throw in the odd book/film review so I suspect nothing will change.

Thank you to everyone that has followed my blog and put up with my musings about life. Personally, I really enjoy writing the blog and plan to continue.

Thank you,

Andy x

13 thoughts on “It’s All About (The) Blogging Niche

  1. I like a Mishmash too. My blogs the same – trying to find a niche but decided im happy chatting about my over 50s lifestyle. Your style is very enjoyable


  2. It should never be a job you feel you have to do. I follow whatever catches my attention. If I find it interesting to me, perhaps someone of like, or close minds will enjoy it.

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    1. Yes,I agree so, as you’ve seen, I’ve carried on writing about what interests me and I think others will find relevant too. Thanks. A


  3. I add my agreement to what the others said. It really is about writing what interests you! If you try forcing yourself to write about things just because you believe that’s what readers want I don’t think it will work.
    The best posts come from the heart. Advice that I got given to me is to be real! There is no one like you, so no one will have a blog exactly like yours, just be yourself and enjoy it and the followers will come. 🙂

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  4. Part of it is good writing, then interesting stuff. There will always be people who like this or that and people that don’t. My blog has morphed over the years. I worried about including articles about my cats but find that those are high view days. I confined them (mostly) to Fridays. If don’t like cats, don’t read my blog on Fridays! Whatever you do, follow your own interests or it won’t be fun.

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    1. Quite agree. Often the general life stuff that I think nobody will read, has higher views, so I write about matters that I’m interestred in. Thanks, A x

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  5. Personally, I prefer reading blogs that are a mash up of lots of different topics that fall under the ‘lifestyle’ umbrella – but it definitely comes down to personal preference. Despite what your readers may think, it’s important that you enjoy what you write! That should take precedence over everything else IMO 🙂

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