Healthy March Challenge – Becoming Lighter Series

5 Fruit and Veg daily
No processed food
No or Little alcohol
Exercise min. half hour (pref hour)



The aim is to become fitter, leaner and healthier this month by following the above challenge.  Are you in?

Breakfast and lunches can incorporate plenty of fruit with some green veggies such as spinach (breakfast) and lettuce (salad lunch).  Suggest eggs for breakfast because they are filling and salads with protein (fish, chicken or eggs) plus a potato or couscous. A healthy evening meal such as a meat or fish stew is always tasty and can be eaten for the following two or three days, if necessary.

It is a good idea to keep an eye on sugar intake because it is hidden in tomato sauces, fizzy drinks and processed foods.  So obviously it is better to not have processed foods and enjoy cooking your own food.

The odd glass of wine is OK, but not too many.  I find this tricky as it interferes with a social life. However, we must give it a try. Oh, and don’t forget to drink about 6 glasses of water every day.

Oddly enough, for me, exercise is the easier part.  Suggestions for this includes gym, running, walking (city and country), swimming or whatever you enjoy most.

I will update progress and any comments below (with your blog links) are welcomed.


Andy Frances xx


7 thoughts on “Healthy March Challenge – Becoming Lighter Series

  1. I’m doing the old Weight Watchers plan I lost 70 pounds on 20 years ago. That was back when you just basically counted points and it didn’t matter what you ate (as long as it wasn’t really high in fat). That is, to date, the ONLY thing that works for me. 15 pounds down…but I still have about 15 to go to be my goal weight-ish.

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    1. Pleased WW is going well. Sometimes a challenge such as this, is an added bonus and helps with motivation. Good luck with the next 15 pounds. Thanks. Andyx


  2. I need to do this. My sugar intake is ridiculous. I am so addicted. The exercise part is easy for me as well. In fact, I often exercise over an hour because it’s the only thing to combat insomnia (since I’m not interested in taking pills, yet.)

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    1. Yes, I often exercise to help me sleep as well as try to keep my weight down and be healthy. Just been for a run for day 1. Good luck. Andyx


    1. Yes,it can be difficult. Veggie soup, in a flask, or cold/warm salad, jacket spud, rice, etc. I’ll do a post on food at work. Thanks A.

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