Criticize (plus a way to do it properly)…

via Daily Prompt: Criticize

The first criticism is that this is spelt wrong. It should be criticise! Do you take criticism well? I do not. I have taken this somewhat innocuous word prompt to address the problem.

My issue is that with the age of social media, which, incidentally, I love, everyone has an opinion. Often a hysterical one. Although, to be fair at the moment, with all that is happening in the world, I understand.

However, if we debate some of the world’s most exacting problems, maybe perspective and new ideas can be made and resolutions established.

When someone gives you constructive criticism, in a well informed manner, are you happy to take this criticism? As long as the person can back up their comments, this is fair isn’t it? Particularly, if they are addressing a situation sensitively.

This is what is missing in the media and social media. Articles and commentary are often destructive. For example, I find myself irritated by the hysterical coverage of Brexit. This, I can assure you, is whether I agree with the article/post or not.

People accuse others of racism, greed, selfishness, ignorance, stupidity and so on. In my opinion, this is just as bigoted as the people they are accusing of being racist, or whatever.

Often the posts lack substance or evidence and are offensive. Surely we can follow our ideology and not always criticise politicians, women, men, the ageing population, millennials, etc, without reasoning and of course, being proactive.  Isn’t it best to write to a politician, magazine, online forum, or join a political group rather than moan aimlessly and publicly without substance? We make ourselves look stupid if we just rant constantly. Yes, we all moan but not daily and publicly. (Rant over.)

Recently, I’ve been reading about and will explore this avenue. It is a community where we can all share our views and share opinions. The information is analysed and the results are submitted to the yougov website. Maybe this is the answer…


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