Analysis of your Life Aims? Becoming Lighter Series – (4)

Having pursued specific aims, found yourself following a plan or at least have a plan, then decide what is next.  For me, I tend to get value out of aims by measuring them. If I’ve lost weight, I’ll write it down so can see progress. If you exercise, it is fun to see how much, by recording it. By measuring results, you see how far you have come, which encourages you on a positive route.

If it is all a struggle, which it often is, see if you can decide on some sub goals or aims which helps with the fear and hopelessness. Everything is a struggle particularly as people or occasions often ruin good intentions and plans (family, friends, children, commitments). These can help keep stuff in control, measurable and time based.

To sum up…

– Measure your aims or goals

– Write down your progress

– Plan some sub goals if life is interfering


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