Being Proactive with your Life Aims… Becoming Lighter Series – (3)

You can help the process by aligning the environment with your goals. For example, I have set up a place of work in a room in order to help encourage me to write. Ever hopeful! This has helped as I can pop in there and write, edit or research my blog, as and when I wish. Another example, is putting a kettlebell in the lounge, so I can pick it up and do some exercises after breakfast. This is fine as long as I don’t break something!

Try to foster a specific task with another daily activity. Well it works for me. For example, have a splendid cup of freshly brewed coffee, relax (old pastime) then do a few squats with equipment (new pastime).

Don’t panic if a planned task doesn’t happen just carry on and focus on next time. Evaluate and continue.

To sum up…

– Think about where you want to pursue your aims

– How you want to do the aim

– Devise a specific place or object to trigger the pastime

– Put equipment in a place where you propose to do the task to encourage the new activity


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