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So with the demise of Vine, we are left wondering if Twitter is dead?  No, because Twitter still has plenty to offer.  For example, the latest news and opinions of top commentators, updates which cultivate connection and the way users can engage with random tweeters, without knowing each other. It remains easily accessible and a powerful way of real-time communication. Vine did not watch the competition and react fast enough when the platform, Instagram, began their video uploads and recent launch of Stories in August 2o16.

Social media changes at a rapid pace but it is important that everyone focuses on what they do best and not all become the same.  Twitter has always been innovative and to be fair, Facebook changed their format to include a news feed (2011) in the way that Twitter has always had.  So who is copying who?

Twitter, is still  improving and reacting to what users want.  The platform has developed many new aspects including Periscope, the live streaming video, the Hearts feature, which to my dismay replaced Favourites, and of course, Moments, to show us the best tweets in various categories.  The “In case you missed it” interrupting our timeline and the analytical information about specific tweets, are useful too.

However, it could improve further.  Twitter should cultivate subject pods.  Tweeters could write and interact about specific interests and events and enjoy conversations with like-minded people. This will support and capture an audience and enable it to spontaneously voice opinions thus creating intelligent Twitter conversations again.  The propagation of debate will seize back the purpose of Twitter and synchronise topics and news with the particular audience.  At present you have to make sure you follow an “influencer”. More subject pods will encourage Twitter to become the conversation platform, as it once was.

Furthermore, The Moments section could be updated more often, with in-depth analysis pertaining towards current news.  This could interact with twitter users thus making the platform even more interesting by observing other users’ opinions.  Additionally, Twitter is an excellent source of information but it could improve by providing more detail on why something is trending.  The #hashtag formulae still provides a vital tool for implementing the collection of tweets and tracking of interest, but the grabbing of popular, relevant tweets, on specific subjects, could also be stimulating for the tweeter.

At least Twitter is well aware that it needs to raise its game and is proactively making enhancements. It has introduced Hearts, Moments and In case you missed it. Also, increased tweet characters, as from now on, the use of various media attachments will no longer count as part of the word count.  However, the word count is part of the fun on Twitter so they should not to go too far with this.

Augmentation of the above is vital and although exacting to process, will make Twitter rise towards the dizzy heights it once was by accelerating growth and maintaining curiosity, awareness and responsiveness.  By retaining the short tweet but capturing emergent subjects, news and events it will stop the decline.

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4 thoughts on “Being Social – Improving Twitter

  1. We are still using Twitter, but we prefer Facebook and Instagram over it as we only know a few people who continue using it. So I agree with your suggestions on improving Twitter so people will be engaged with it again. I would love to truly interact about specific interests and events and enjoy conversations with like-minded people – “subject pods.” How great will it be if Twitter gets to read your blog post and apply it. I hope they read this.

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  2. We do have a Twitter account for our travel blog, but I admit we haven’t been very active in using it and even increasing followers. That saying, I like being on Twitter for personal use; conversations and tweets are wittier and more intelligent compared to Facebook. I agree that Twitter could still be improved. I’d like to see how they will manage cyberbullying, specifically. In Twitter, the more followers and readers you have the higher the chances are of getting bullied and ridiculed.


  3. The only problem with Twitter I feel is we have to hyperactive on it to heard or scene, which I am not. Otherwise Twitter is good because of its short crisp notes.


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