How do you want to feel a month from now?

This is what is on my mind. I popped into a pub on the way home about 10 days ago, and because I was not driving, ordered a pint of lager. It lasted a long time, but my stomach was feeling bloated while I consumed the fizzy drink.

A lightbulb moment happened. No more messing about. Need to get back on the healthy, but filling food plan. I was feeling unhealthy, large and uncomfortable.  This is because the pounds are beginning to return.  My plan is as follows…

-Focus on high protein and cut down on the carbs

-Eat only when hungry

-Participate in the Parkrun

-Check out some classes at the gym

-Drink lots of water (2 litres or more per day)

-Be aware of when I am hungry and not just bored and/or fed up!!

-Eat lots of vegetables and fruit

-Write down everything I consume

So lots of exercise and healthy food. The aim is to feel great by this time next month. What is your aim?

I’ve been doing the above and it is working well, so far and I will keep you updated.

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4 thoughts on “How do you want to feel a month from now?

  1. I’ve been to that situation before. I’ve reached a point in my life as well wherein I realized that I need to eat healthier. What I did differently was to download a calorie counter. It was easier for me since I am able to see my success everyday, hence I am encouraged to continue what I’m doing.

    Nina Sogue |

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  2. I agree most especially on eating only when hungry, and knowing when you’re really hungry or just bored haha! Also, just recently I’ve learned that it’s okay to NOT finish your food esp when you know you’re already full. I always feel bad leaving leftovers but it can’t be helped when you’re eating out and have no control over the serving size. XD You can always have it packed to go.


  3. Reading this is great timing. I started going back on a healthy diet and exercising last weekend and I plan to keep on doing it. God I’ve been eating a lot and though I don’t get big, I still couldn’t deny the fact that I’m beginning to get double chin and I also don’t fit in some of my clothes anymore. I met up with a friend recently and she served as a wake-up call by calling me fat hahaha… So now I’ve started to do the work and I now choose what I eat and I also exercise everyday. Hopefully by next month, I’d be in good shape again. Goodluck to your own journey too.


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