What do you really want to change?

I’ve recently noticed many people constantly want to change their life.  This made me wonder why.  Is it because we spend too much time comparing ourselves with others?  It is vital to make a conscious effort to stop this thought process. As we get older it becomes easier to accomplish this and it is surprising how you stop worrying about what people think of you.  Usually nothing, because they are too busy worrying about their own problems.

Many people I know, want to move away, usually to somewhere warmer.  Does this make your life more comfortable or do you just replace one set of problems for another, but in a warmer climate?  It will be an adventure but is it the right route to take?  The main point is to focus on what you want to do, how you want to achieve it and then focus on it.  Nowadays, there are many tools on the internet to help this, such as doing a life board on Pinterest, finding courses and meetups about your interests or just researching new places to visit and explore.

The main thing is to think positively and try to stop worrying about what may happen or what has happened and focus.  Recently, I read about a person who had been very ill and now takes mini holidays and when I say mini, I mean mini, such as a few hours or a day to explore and find new places to wander, investigate and enjoy.

So make the most of life and as they say it isn’t a rehearsal.  Travel, walk, run, read, cook, paint, explore or start a new course.  Take time to notice what is going on around you and make an effort to be happy.

Yes, I will be taking my own advice too:

  • Stop worrying
  • Discover what you want
  • Think about how you want to achieve the changes
  • Don’t ponder on your mistakes (everyone has them)
  • Try new things that will make you get on with being happy

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