Proposed Healthy Month Plan – August

After a family wedding and subsequent holiday, everything is now back to the old routine.

This means a serious plan to get back to a healthy diet and exercise plan.  The plan is to do a series of healthy months and call the idea Healthy Month (probably one in four months). Therefore, the first one will be Healthy Month – August.  Or #HealthyAugust.

The plan is:

Eat healthy meals with a focus on fresh vegetables and fruit.

Low alcohol consumption.

Exercise almost daily.

Blog, Facebook or tweet about progress.

My goal is to lose 2 lb a week which is quite a challenge for me.  It seems a good month to do the above, but I am aware there may be the odd outing when I will succumb to some booze or naughty food.  However, I plan to be strict.  Anybody want to comment on the idea? Feel free to comment below and/or join me!

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The next blog (part 2) tips for gaining a good relationship with food…

4 thoughts on “Proposed Healthy Month Plan – August

  1. I always try to stick to the lose 0.5-1lb mark but this does sound like a good idea. I’d guess you might find you have a big loss in the first week (especially if you drink lots of water and not much alcohol) but it’ll then plateau, especially with exercise. Always good to give yourself at least a day a week off exercise.


    1. Yes, I agree. I will probably have one day off to rest my muscles. If I lose
      1 1b a week I’ll be happy but wanted to produce a plan in order to encourage me to get back to eating well and exercising. Thanks for responding. Ax

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