Why is there so much clutter?

After reading the book Stuffocation, I decided to declutter. What wasn’t expected was the change of mindset. Getting rid of copeous amounts of clothes, books, kitchen stuff seemed easy enough but it ripples throughout your life too. For example, I don’t waste time wondering what people think of me. Trying to be a people pleaser is nonsense and you are better to organise yourself, find what interests you and enjoy life.

We are programmed in society to be successful but the older you get, the more you realise that the latest car isn’t going to make you happy.  If you buy the car to get out and about and discover new experiences, well, that comes under the auspices of experience, and is different.

But most people seem to be glued to Netflix and don’t get out and about which is why the pub and restaurant trade is struggling.  It is worrying that you don’t hear what or where youngsters are going to socialise.  Ok, the local town has full pubs, but over the last few decades, society worries about material stuff which invariably becomes clutter.  But the tide is turning.  People don’t want to buy stuff from supermarkets and the large ones are closing.  What we want now is fresh, decent food which isn’t full of preservatives and sugar.

Have you changed the way you buy stuff? Do you cook more?  I’ve become interested in a plant based diet.  Let’s see where it all takes us.  Less clothes, fresh food and more experiences.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?


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