2 ways to raise your mood…


Sometimes it is hard to raise your spirits if you are feeling down. Two things seem to really help. The first one is to exercise and the second is to take a road trip and have a few hours at the country, seaside or park.

I spent a recent Sunday afternoon exploring the sleepy seaside town of Bexhill. Well I say sleepy, it is on a Sunday, but on other days there are a super array of indie shops and restaurants to pursue.  The purpose of the visit was to take in some sea air and enjoy a stroll along the front.  The beach is pebble but looked spectacular in the spring sunlight. A cuppa, in a mug, on the sea front, whilst watching the seagulls swoop down into the sea, was just what was needed.  A slow saunter along the front taking in the spectacular view also helped lift the mood.  Can’t recommend it enough. If a negative mood is triggered by a particular stimulus or event then it can be challenged and changed.  So try it!



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