One size does not fit all!

When I heard about Ashley Neil Tipton showing her plus-size collection at fashion week, it made me wonder about the dichotomy that is the fashion industry. Why is it so unusual to see full figure apparel on the runway or advertised anywhere else? The fashion industry promotes tiny when society isn’t.
The argument is that it is not healthy to advertise larger sizes and promotes obesity. But you cannot confuse skinny with health. The confusion arises by the question what is normal and what is healthy? A diverse range of clothing images using fuller figure people could develop self-esteem in some, and promote a more balanced society.
Clearly how we see ourselves and the reality is the difficulty but a balance is clearly required and, as far as I can see, wanted. If the false images dissipate we can formulate a sense of creativity with humility and not prejudice and discrimination. Oh and get rid of the airbrush too!

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