Are we really addicted to the internet?

Recently, I watched a video about internet addiction, which made me question whether we are addicted.
The Internet has revolutionised how we work and play. It is a central point for an unprecedented accumulation of information. Collaboration and interaction between local or worldwide communities manifests a space where we are now able to write, read, learn, watch television, do puzzles, business and connect with friends, etc. Overall, the internet has replaced where and how we conduct our work and down time. Social media sites such as Ideapod enable knowledge dissemination so we become interested in not only new subjects, but write, research and debate about them too.
Therefore, we are not necessarily addicted, but need to enjoy life outside the internet arena. There is room for both. Perhaps it is a case of being resourceful with time? What do you think? Turn off your phone/computer/notifications for a set period? Have a tech free day? Now there’s a challenge!


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